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The LK cream colour range has more than 190 colours from which you can choose from. In case, you have not tried the LK colour brand earlier then surely you’re in for a treat, it's developed by a company named Lisap. Since 1952, they have been in the beauty business, formulating and manufacturing all their hair care products at their factories in Milan, Italy. They are massive over all the world and feature at almost all the main shows. In order to bring the latest innovations to the market, Lisaps Italian scientists are continually crossing the globe for new and different ingredients for their products. Lisap has a huge range of research and development process that goes into each and every one of its products. Choose from the range of permanent colours, developers/ activators/ peroxides, beaches and lighteners.

LK Flash Contrast Range

LK flash contrast range is the simple way to make bright colourful tinted streaks and partial effects along an entire length of dark, natural and tinted hair-without pre-lightening. LK Flash contrast will lift through tint, tints the hair and also it protects and reinforces its structure and is suitable for most trends and techniques. The result is it leaves the hair soft, sleek, easy to comb and incredibly shiny.