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Keratin protein is the tested ingredient that aids in making hair smooth, manageable and looks younger. From Keratin’s signature smoothing therapy to the award-winning Keratin hair treatment - it initiated it all, to launch its colour therapy, a full range of Keratin-improved professional hair colour.

Shampoos & Conditioners: Keratin Complex offers a whole range of well-balanced shampoos and conditioners to maintain your hair looking and feeling fabulous with natural Keratin, day after day. These shampoos and conditioners are planned and developed to balance every hair type and particular requirement, from keeping your therapy treatment and hair colour to clarifying and equilibrating, to mild daily use.

Finishing & Styling Products

Keratin Complex provides a huge collection of finishing and styling products intended to attain the finest results. These products include shine serum, hairspray, styling spray, styling gel, thermal defender mist, texturising cream, brightening oil and more! These products assist you to augment your hair, giving it a glowing, healthy and stylised look as it is carefully developed to meet the high standard of Keratin Complex.