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De Lorenzo products are made in harmony with nature utilising certified organics, herbs, natural plant botanicals, vitamins, fruit extracts, natural plant oils and vegetable extracts. De Lorenzo products aren’t tested on animals and do not include any ingredients of animal origin including beeswax, honey, lanolin, silk or animal obtained proteins, which makes them hundred percent vegetarian. De Lorenzo products are made to preserve the 4 natural balances necessary for a healthy hair and scalp.

•    Moisture renders manageability.
•    The hair fibre protein – the hair itself and the harmonising balances.
•    Acid Mantle - pH balanced for protection against bacteria and closed cuticles.
•    Natural oils protect the hair.

HHB offers De Lorenzo’s striking range of high-quality hair care products online, which include colour shampoo, shampoo for red hair, conditioners, hair treatments and straightening balm.