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Hair must be in good health to look beautiful, which needs more than just a fashionable hairdo and lively colour. The Davroe hair care collection varies from others on the market because the products it offers enhances hair health, which promotes beauty naturally within each string outward. Davroe can assist you to attain true hair wellness by concentrating on hair fitness instead of just the look imparting you curls, which are more manageable, less prone to breakage and exceptionally shiny.

The Davroe hair care products include conditioners, shampoos, hair treatments, styling and finishing aids. The formulations used in the Davroe collection consist of nourishing natural actives, which includes Australian native violet extract, watercress extract and Australian-grown blueberry extract, Australian hibiscus flower extract and Australian lilly pilly extract. The nutrients gained from these natural plants give the hair total nourishment to meet the requirements of every thread. At present, the brand remains dedicated to giving 100% natural formulations, which essentially address the requirements of the hair and scalp.

Davroe's UV protection complex of olive leaf and grape seed extracts is present in every product in the collection. The antioxidants found in these extracts neutralise the damaging particles in ultraviolet energy which otherwise can weaken hair colour and leave the threads dry and frail.

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