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Brushworx Keratin Silk hair brushes could be of great help for frizzy or unmoving hair! Unmanageable hair can be easily tamed using a hair dryer and Brushworx Keratin Silk hair brushes. With the combined use, results are far better. When the ceramic coating of the brush is heated - it aids to uncurl the cuticle layer and combat the frizz leaving hair with a lively, vigorous shine. The unique cross-sectioned rubber handle fits effortlessly to your hand’s palm for an exceptional styling experience. A Keratin Silk hair brush will aid to easily detangle and blow-dry your hair so that you get a smooth, flawless straight hair finish. They are perfect for all hair types.

Keratin is a natural protein, which makes up for a large part of your hair. The constituents of keratin are incredible as they can revive dryness and damage. Thus, Keratin Silk hair treatment is ideal for individuals who have dry hair, damaged hair or frizzy hair.