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Clips, Pins & Clamps

HHB supplies a complete range of clips, pins and clamps of premier Pin Company 999, which are specifically made for professional use. 999’s array of clamps, crocodile clips and roller pins assists in firmly wrapping hair, comprising of short styles.


HHB offers shower combs, detangler combs and rake combs of the major Pin Company 999. For detangling and distributing conditioner through hair, rake and detangler combs are the perfect choices. Both detangler and rake combs are ideal for thick, curly, long, or wet hair types; their broad spaced teeth facilitate averting breakage and/or damage. Shower comb also comes with the benefits of the rake and detangler combs, but it also has a comfortable handle to hold easily.


HHB provides detangler hair brushes from the leading Pin Company 999, which separate tangles and knots softly and with the utmost ease. Now you don’t need to tug or pull at your hair, as this detangler hair brush has smart bendable teeth that will gently move through your hair. This detangler hair brush is perfect for dry as well as wet hair, and it is appropriate for all hair types including delicate, chemically processed hair and hair extensions. Detangling is but a breeze when you use 999’s detangler hair brush!